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A sonic immersion at the colombian Tres Fronteras

"Amazonas PhoNosynthesis"

Stéphane Marin offers you a new immersion in listening to the soundscapes of the Amazon. This piece is a re_composition of his recordings from his explorations of the Colombian jungle, living arms of the Amazon and a Peruvian lake at the Tres Fronteras (Colombia - Peru - Brazil) but also at the borders and in the center of Medellìn, this other Andean jungle…

Listening to atypical spaces, this composition offers us a very personal vision of the "wild": between beautiful naturalistic flights and obsessive anthropophonic presences. As a possible meeting, a subtle cohabitation - sometimes tense, energetic but always invigorating - between these two worlds which are one.

"Listening (to) and recording (the) borders, sometimes at the borders of listening itself, is the project that motivated my coming here, at the triple Amazon border (Las Tres Fronteras: Colombia - Peru - Brazil). This project was born from my exchanges with Miguel Isaza, curator of the Semana de la Escucha (Auditum · Plataforma de Escuchas /Éter /Exploratorio), a festival dedicated to listening in all its forms which has been taking place in Medellín for 5 years now. This inspiring opportunity that Miguel gave me to think about a project focused on liminality, a theme that quickly led me to consider a stay in the Colombian Amazon from Leticia, the border town of Tabatinga in Brazil and neighbour of Santa Rosa -this Peruvian island in the middle of the tumultuous waves of the Amazon which alone defies the very idea of ​​border…



This project will try to make the boundaries between the audible and the inaudible porous; inside and outside; indoor and outdoor; humans and animals; the domesticated and the savage; the jungle and the city… and of course, as usual: noise, sound and music. "


Stéphane Marin

"Amazonas PhoNosynthesis" was created in several forms:


-a sound nap 

comfortably installed on our (or your) deckchairs,

listening to a composed track with our anti-noise headphones.

Possibility of day or night show.

In total energy autonomy on site.







as well as two multiphonic live forms:

•The first live performance 

dedicated to small spaces (bars / small concert halls / small exteriors ...) in the form of an octophony with 4 loudspeakers (classic qudriphony) surrounding the public and four small manipulable loudspeakers placed under control and on the ground.


Lasting 30 to 40 minutes, it requires the provision of a homogeneous quadraphonic system and a subwoofer.


•The second live performance

is dedicated to performance halls (or open-air).


Our deckchairs (or your chairs) are deployed around the central control room installed in the centre of the stage (stage or public square). Diffusion in a "cube" (double quadraphonic: one at ear height and one in height, hung on the "ceiling" (grill) or raised by telescopic legs or suspended from trees or balconies.


Lasting 40 minutes, it requires the provision of a homogeneous hexaphonic (mini) or octophonic system reinforced with a subwoofer.

Commissioned by Auditum - Plateforme de Escucha on the occasion of the Semana de la Escucha (Medellìn), 

"Amazonas PhoNosynthesis" was created under the title of "Fronteras de la Escucha"

following a triple residency at the Amazon Tres Fronteras then in Santa Elena et Medellìn in July 2019.

It was performed during a stereo phoNographic projection under the dome of the Planetario de Medellìn on August 20, 2019.

Then it was re-created in the form of a sound nap on October 25, 2019 in Besançon, on the occasion of the Modulations festival.


!!! Following the health crisis, postponement to May 2021 of the date initially scheduled at

Jardin des Plantes du Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (Paris) on the occasion of the Fête de la Nature (May 2020).


In its live performance forms "Amazonas PhoNosynthesis" was created:

February 06, 2020 at Cube - Center for digital de creation - Issy les Moulineaux


February 22, 2020 at DAda - Toulouse following two creation residencies at Studio Éole - Blagnac.


!!! Following the health crisis, postponement to May and June 2021 of the dates initially planned for October and June 2020

et the FAN festival  (St Orens)Rien à Voir (Monesties) - June 2020



« We have to listen to the heart of the trees beat

because trees are like us, living beings. » 

 Sunderlal Bahuguna,

spokersman for the movement Chipko.



Our gear:

20 to 40 deckchairs / 20 to 40 audio players / 20 to 40 anti-noise headphones

15 autonomous usb- led lights

The piece is about 30 minutes lengh.

The installation is active over a period of 4 hours

(but can be considered up to 12h. of autonomy)

GAUGE = 160 to 320p. / 4h











Territories projects

Territories projects





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