"The Nomadic Ear #1 Myanmar"

An immersive travel diary in 28 BINAURAL postcards


Mingalabar !


March 2013, in a country still spared by globalisation, which also means spared from the homogenisation of the sonic environment, Stéphane MARIN undertook a listening journey in Burma. Between Rangoon and Lake Inlé, Mandalay and Bagan, Mawlamyine and Hpa-An, he collected, day after day, hours of "field recordings". Today, he proposes a phonographic travel diary of this trip in the land of golden pagodas, sound-filled and rich!


It’s with eyes closed, the body completely relaxed in a deckchair, and ears ready to travel, that the public is invited to experience this sonic road-movie in 3D, via the use of headphones. All the sound recordings of this listening diary were made using binaural microphones. This material is heard through in-ear headphones which capture sound in a hyper-realistic way. The audience is therefore projected to the very heart of this soundscape.

These far-away tones, under threat and fragile, speak to us of a sonic environment and of a society undergoing massive change… close even to extinction. The recording of this memory is an act of cultural salvation.



To listen together to this sound world is to share simple and magical moments, where otherness seems so far away, so close, there in the hollow of the ear, there in the ears…




20 to 40 deckchairs / 20 to 40  audio players / 20 to 40 acoustic ear-muffs

The sound track lasts for 28 x 3 minutes (1h30)



160 to 320 p. / day



L'Oreille Nomade was first performed on the january 2014 in the Festival Made in Asia - Toulouse;

and was broadcast on France Culture, Radio Grenouille 88,8, and Jet FM 91.2;

was broadcast via interactive terminals in the festival [SONOR];

as well as being part of the listening evening Kinokophonography Night of Bruno Walter Auditorium of New York Library for Performing Arts;

an unpublished sonic postcard "Inspired by Flickr #3 Water" come out in the "sound & vision" blog of the British Library;

and was remixed into the form of a long sonic postcard "Mingalabar !" for ARTE Radio ("TTT"- Télérama)

then finaly, a special edition of Framework Radio show ...

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